February 14, 2010

Where To Go?

This weekend we were talking a lot about where we should go.

We both agree Patagonia.

We are thinking northern, as opposed to southern, Patagonia. The town of Bariloche is located in northern Patagonia. Luckily for us, Tony has been there twice, both for work during his former life as a television cameraman. It's a "little town with nothing to do" he said (well, to someone from a city of 11 million, I guess so). From what I gather, that is not true. Not true at all. It's the only "major" city in northern Patagonia, with a population of 100,000-150,000 (I've read conflicting things), that is located in the Andes mountains. It might work well as a home base for several reasons:

1) There is access to good medical care (important when you're 40-ish and have 3 kids)
2) Access to good banks
3) Internet access (uh, need I say more?)
4) Access to resources we may need for the kids' schooling, supplies for life, and missions
5) It's a good central location to all the indigenous communities of the native Mapuche people of northern Patagonia
6) And it has whatever else a civilzed person may need, except probably peanut butter
7) Oh, and word has it they are building a Wal-mart soon! How happy am I?

It's a match made in Heaven.

There are many other reasons, all good, we thought of that we could also list here. But mostly, it just makes sense. It's a starting point, anyway. We'll see how things develop!

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