February 19, 2010

What To Do, Part II

As I mentioned before, there are SO many things to do.

I once read that 6% of Argentina was born-again evangelical. In my personal experience, I find that number to be extremely generous. Extremely. I would guess, and this is just my opinion, that the number of true believers is more like 1 or 2%, maybe 3 or 4%. Again, being generous. It's just reality.

In the United States it is said that there are upwards of 60 million Christians.

For years I have heard people say, "Oh, but there is so much you can do here! You don't have to leave the country to serve the Lord, to reach out, to share the Gospel.".

True. Very true. But I agree with Jim Elliot who said (and I paraphrase), "Let the dusty Bibles of the United States speak as a testimony against the people." You can read the exact quote in The Journals of Jim Elliot. It's found at the part where he sets sail for Ecuador. Excellent, excellent, excellent read. It has a surprising twist at the end, too. And I don't mean that he gets martyred, most people know that. I mean, his last entry is something you would never expect. His wife was later criticized and pressured to edit the ending because it made too many people uncomfortable. She refused. You can read her response in Through the Gates of Splendor.... or was it Let me Be a Woman? I can't remember, I've read so many books! :)

Rabbit trail.

Anyway, Tony and I are no Bible teachers. Nor do we aspire to be so. Too much responsibility. Neither is it our calling. We just want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In a place like Argentina, people just need to hear the Gospel message in a clear and simple way, they need hear about Jesus, about God's plan of salvation. They need someone to go visit them, talk to them, give them some clothes, a Bible, some toys for their kids because they can't afford even one. One tract. That's all.

Showing the Jesus Film is also another possibility. Operation Christmas Child. The Good and Evil book (like in the photo above :)). These are just a few ideas we've had.

What can you do? What is your gift? What do you feel God has naturally equipped you to do?

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