February 13, 2010

Breaking the News, and Mate!

Today we were downtown visiting our mechanic. While we were in the area, we stopped by the only place we know around that sells tons and tons of international food. They have two whole isles of stuff imported from every single Central and South American country!

So, we had to pick up some mate (pronounced MAH-tay)! All this talk of Argentina made us crave some South American green tea. :)

At dinner Tony really surprised me by breaking the news to the kids. That just shows how serious this is. Tony would never mention something so monumental to the kids unless he were actually serious. He said he wants them to start preparing mentally.

Reactions were mixed. M is excited, but life for her is one big party. Big A cried. But he is not exactly our flexible, open-to-change child. Peace Baby just screamed and continued throwing her food. Tony and I both know that as soon as A sees the real live steam locomotives chugging through the Andes, he'll probably forget all about home.

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