February 12, 2010

Making the Big Move to Missions

That's the subtitle of our blog, anyway.

Last night Tony and I were talking about the life we have been given and actually doing something with it. Not wasting it.

To fill you in, if you don't know the story... I became a Christian about 10 years ago. Tony, several years after that. Since the moment of my conversion I have always felt the burden, or calling, or whatever you want to call it, to missions. All Christians are called to missions, but what I mean is, I have always felt the call to overseas missions.

The three years between my conversion and Tony's were HARD. Maybe I'll write more about that later, but I do remember telling God many times that if it weren't for that call that I always heard so strongly, I would have been OUT of there. So many times I wished I could have just left. Walked out the door. Ended my suffering. Or kicked him out. Or put him six feet under. Or just wrung his neck for the satisfaction. But that's another post altogether (I'm joking here, just in case. Well, sort of... I really did want to wring his neck. Many times.).

Fast forward three and a half (pretty miserable) years. Tony gets saved! Hallelujah! It's a miracle! And believe me, it was. He was the LAST person ever to bend the knee to Jesus, let me tell you. Then we just floated around... kind of like Noah's Ark. No direction. Did you ever think about that? That Noah's Ark probably didn't have a rudder? I mean, where was it going? Where were they going? Nowhere! All they knew is that God had just saved them in a miraculous way from certain destruction. They had no idea what was to happen next. They were just floatin' around. And floatin'... and floatin' some more. Floated for a whole year. Boring after a while.

And so it was with us. For many years. The boat was saved and afloat and we were happy and thankful - just directionless. We prayed and waited, and were thankul in the process. We did what we knew to do, you know, go to church, pray, seek the Lord, read our Bibles, fast, study, raise our kids, share the Gospel with those around us, serve others, love your neighbor, be kind, go on mission trips, etc., etc., you know. But we always prayed that God would reveal WHAT it is he had saved us FOR. Uh, please be more specific, Lord? Isn't there more to life than this?

Well, Praise the Lord we think we finally have a clue. Finally! 6 years later. Whew. It's about time! And for that we are thankful. It's looking like it's Argentina again for us. I swore I would never go back there. Swore it up and down, forget it! I hate that place. And I don't love the people. Don't missionaries have to have love? Always had a bad time in Argentina. NO THANKS! Not goin'. NOT. Don't even suggest it, Lord, because I'm not hearin'. So the fact that we might, that I'm even open to it, that Tony is hearing the same thing, well, it's just a huge a miracle. Tony and I rarely agree about much. Oh, we compliment each other very well. He's strong where I'm weak, and vice versa. He is all the things I wish I were, all very good. And maybe he'd say the same about me. But as a friend of his said once, "Tony and Chris, they're like oil and water: they just don't mix." Haha. Well, somewhat true. We are Night and Day. The few times we have agreed on things, the big things, we know it is of the Lord, because we never do! We are actually agreeing on this. It's bizarre-o. It must be the Lord.

Where in Argentina? Well, I was shocked, I mean, absolutely shocked when Tony said one day a while back that if he ever were to move back to Argentina, he would not go to Buenos Aires. He would go to the campo, las montañas (for you non-Spanish speakers that's: the country, the mountains).


You'd have to know him to understand. Just take my word for it that that's another miracle.

The whole journey is just frought with miracles. But the blogger said to keep my posts short. That way people could click on, read, click off. Yah. I don't talk to adults all day, hello! We'll see how I do!

Toodles~! More to come. :)

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