February 18, 2010

Where To Go, Part II

Location, location, location, as they say.

Well, we've narrowed things down a bit. We are now looking at an area between Bariloche (in the province of Rio Negro) and Esquel (in province of Chubut), northeastern Patagonia. I remember someone saying once that God gives you common sense, and He wants you to use it. So, why here?

1) There are people.
2) It's close to the largest city in Patagonia (food, doctors, banks, supplies, internet access, etc.)
3) It's centrally located to all the surrounding Mapuche communities (see map).


Bariloche is the largest town in the entire northern region of Patagonia, at 100,000 or so. Esquel is about 3 hours south in the Province of Chubut. The largest town (Andes side) in the Province of Chubut is Esquel, population 28,000. It dwindles from there south until you get to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, southern-most inhabited city in the world. Tony's brother actually lives there. I don't necessarily feel like I want to.

Now, I don't mind getting away from the Rat Race and all, but Esquel is a little further than I had originally anticipated. But we are trusting God to make that clear to us as well.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."  ~Psalm 119:105

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