February 24, 2010

Venemous and Poisonous Animals

I was always the fearless wonder kind. Until I hit 35 and realized I was a mere mortal. Well, ignorance is bliss, or at least it was for me for many years. It was really nice to live like that, I have to say. I liked it better, much better, than this worrying I do now. I've done stuff like taken a dip in shark-infested waters, hung my hammock in Brazilian wandering spider territory, hiked in Western diamondback rattlesnake country; you know, dumb stuff. Now, I never knew all these dangerous things were underfoot at the time, because I was just plain dumb and incredibly unaware in my younger years. But, even if I had, I was foolish enough that it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Then I had a son. My son taught me more than I EVER wanted to know about all things venemous and poisonous.

His venemous arachnid stage lasted 8 long torturous months, only to be followed by his venemous snake obsession. That lasted years. Now it's sharks. Lucky me. I'm still traumatized by all those "I Shouldn't Be Alive" shows he made me watch, all the "Jaws of Death" shark specials, "Bugging with Rudd", Jeff Corwin animal adventure shows, World's Most Deadliest Snake specials and on and on and on, etc., etc., etc... I swore I would never, NEVER go camping again. Or hiking. Or swimming in the ocean. And I haven't. And I don't plan to. Ever.

Oh wait, that's not totally true... We did go to hiking once while in the midst of this many-years obsession. And guess what we almost stepped on??? That's right... a you-never-see-them-except-when-WE-decide-to-go-hiking Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake.

Yep. Totally traumatized.

So, guess what I just found out? This is GREAT NEWS!!! And I quote...

"Patagonia has no snakes or dangerous wild animals, making it safe for visitors to enjoy outdoor activities."

Glory! Thank you, Jesus. You're so good to me.

(I hope that website is right.)

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