February 23, 2010

Little Faith in a Big God

How many galaxies are in the universe?

We just watched a lecture yesterday on DVD (a very expensive, college-level course that landed at our door by accident, and we were allowed to KEEP it!). It poses this very question.

Well, no one really knoooows.

Because we can only see a FRACTION of the universe, even with the best telescopes, instruments, and technology of the day (like the Hubble) scientists can only estimate that:

* There are 150-400 billion stars in our Milky Way (our sun is just one of those).
* There are 100-200 billion galaxies in the universe (according to current estimates from real smart people who should know).

Uh... okay. Do the math on THAT.

...more galaxies...
galaxy with dust cloud
Tadpole Galaxy
My God is SO BIG. I don't know about yours, but He is SO COOL! He made ALL THAT. What's more, the Bible says,

"When I consider thy heavens, the work of the fingers..." ~Psalm 8:3

Fingers? God didn't even need to use his whole hand? Just his fingers?? To make the Universe???

Isn't that cool?! Aren't you impressed?

This prof. also went on to try to answer where all this came from. Of course, like 99% of PhDs today, he teaches the "Big Bang". You've got to have serious faith to believe it all exploded from something the size of a golf ball. Another version of the Big Bang Theory (yes, it's still a theory) is that it all exploded out of something called a "singularity". That's a small point somewhere, smaller than a golf ball, see... not in the Universe... because... that didn't exist yet... Soooo, inside this "singularity" were these things called "quarks" which were "pre-atoms". You know, because real atoms would be obliterated if all the matter in the entire universe were compressed into such a small point... (by this point I'm thinking to myself, "Is he making this up???").

Anyway, I felt bad for the guy because here he's a Ph.D and is sounding really kind of... unsure.

Anyway (I like to say anyway a lot), I believe in the Bible, that God created the Universe. But that's just me. I didn't always believe that, but it seems the most logical thing to me now. For those who think the universe exploded into being from something the size of a golf ball, and people by some 'chance' (actually millions, billions, of random chances) crawled their way out of some primordial soup little by little miiiiillions of years ago, well then, hey, I think they have much more faith than I do. So you see, everything really IS about religion, what you believe. You can't take faith out of Science. Although everyone tries to do that. Can't. You either believe in the Big Bang and biiiiillions of years ago (cause you have to believe it, it can't be proven, remember this is still a theory and theories can't be tested, repeated, or proven), or you don't. 

It's simple, really. See?

Whew. Glad I got THAT off my chest. Man, I just love blogging. I get to rant and rave and ramble on 'cause it's MY BLOG.

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