about us

writer of this blog
science geek
lover of Jesus

 the man in command
life of the party
incredibly funny
devastatingly handsome

The writer of this blog met the man in command in an elevator in Rio de Janeiro. It was love at first site. God saved the writer in Argentina, the man in command in the States, and gave them three energetic children in the process.

We speak Spanish and English at home, love and follow Jesus, and recently left it all in the States to become missionaries in Argentina (from whence cometh the man in command). We do evangelism, work with the poor, show the JESUS film, and for some reason have this strange obessession with going where angels fear to tread. I still haven't figured out what is wrong with us.

Follow us as we follow Christ in Patagonia... Argentina!

Don't know anything about Argentina? Click here.
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