February 14, 2010

When To Go?

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

When to go? Well, definately before I'm too old to want to go, that's for sure. I told Tony we better go before I hit 40, definately 50, or I'm not going to want to go anywhere. Each year I spend back in the States I get more and more comfortable, further away from ever wanting or believing I could ever leave again. I just feel my age, that's all. I really do.

Anyway, that gives us two years, tops.

There is a lot to do, a lot of preparation, but the two most important things are:

1. Go with support (ie, money)
2. Go with a good car (which could mean trading the vans for a good 4x4 which, again, takes money)

I would love and prefer to go visit first, you know: scope the place out, see what the Lord has in mind, check out the living conditions, talk to the people, check out the local churches, get an idea of ministry opportunities, you know, plan. So, I mentioned the idea at dinner when we were talking about the whole thing with the kids. Tony feels visiting is waste of time and money. He would just go. Ship all our earthly belongings in a container, rent a house upon arrival, then take 6 months or so get to know the area and move again, if necessary.

We definately would love Peace Baby to be mobile, out of diapers, and sleeping better. She needs a year/year and half to grow and settle her little high-strung, screamy personality down a little. Well, a lot. Let's just say her name means "peace", but she's not living up to it yet.

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