February 13, 2010

Homeschooling Abroad

Ah, one of my favorite topics: Homeschooling! :):)

Each country varies in their laws regarding homeschooling. This map shows the legality of homeschooling worldwide (from Wikipedia.com):

GREEN = Legal under no conditions, or only registration
YELLOW = Legal under regulating conditions, such as mandatory tests and checks
ORANGE = Legal under restricting conditions, like a teaching certificate or permit
RED = Illegal
GRAY = No Data Available

Argentina is in the gray area. It is unique in that it neither has laws forbiding homeschooling, nor laws protecting those who homeschool. Homeschooling is virtually unheard of. When we tell Argentinians (mostly Tony's family and friends) we homeschool, the first thing they say is always, "What? They don't go to school?!?". We always have to explain that homeschooling is a legal option to educate your children here in the U.S. The next question is always, "But what about friends? Don't they have any friends??". No, we're hermits. And as if "having friends" is the primary reason you send your kids to school. Isn't the primary reason you send your kids to school "to get an education"? I thought that's what it was, anyway.

If you don't know about homeschooling here in the U.S., this is a good link explaining the laws state by state. Our state has some of the strictest homeschooling laws of any state. Some people appreciate the "accountability" in having someone (that is, Big Brother) look over their shoulder. Others feel it is just a weight and a burden - one more thing they have to worry about. As if undertaking your child's entire education isn't worrisome enough. I, personally, have always felt the laws to be burdensome, not helpful.

I read an article once that posed the question, "What would your homeschooling look like if you didn't have to comply with the law?" (or something like that). I know MINE would look very different. But alas, I do not live in one of those free states. Like, say... Idaho!

Viva, Idaho!

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