February 16, 2010

How Long?

So... how long are we going for?

Uh... er... I don't know?

Is that a good answer??

We don't know exactly, but we know Someone who does.

I do know that if we really are to do this, coming back if it doesn't work out like we thought, or if something happens, or for whatever reason, will not be easy. Not impossible, but not easy. So therefore we seem to have settled on 1-2 years, not burning the bridge to return. After that we will reevaluate. We know there will always be things to do there, and if the Lord opens the door for us to stay, then we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

We are definately counting the cost, though. When you hit a certain number of kids and find yourself rounding the bend to middle-age, you no longer do things so impulsively. But, I have to say, we have peace. We are in total agreement. God afterall is a God of peace, not of discord. And everything seems to just fit. I can't explain it, except that God is in it. He must be. This is just too crazy for Him not to be. Right?
Don't answer that.

I do remember missionaries in Ecuador commenting that people these days no longer want to commit their lives. It's an interesting phenomena. There are a plethora of short-term mission trips to just about anywhere in the world. A "vacation with a purpose". But who will invest their lives in sowing the seed of the Gospel of life where it hasn't been heard?

Becoming a missionary these days is far easier than it was 100 years ago. We have planes, phones, email, internet, vaccinations, malaria pills. No more saying good-bye knowing you'll never see your country, your parents, your family and friends again, as was the case with Hudson Taylor when he sailed for China. We can now pick up the phone, send an email that arrives in seconds, chat and post pictures on Facebook, and go to a good (maybe not great) doctor abroad for just about any ill you may have. How hard is that?

Food for thought.

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