February 13, 2010

What To Do, What To Do?

So what would we do if we moved to Argentina?

There are a thousand things to do.

Here in the States it is just the opposite. And even if you do want to do something, there are a million forms to fill out before you are allowed to. And you may even have to shell out some money for a permit. Not in South America. Definately not in Argentina. You just go and do it.

Here is a map I found this week showing the indigenous communities in Argentina. This is just ONE idea. You could go a million places from here (click to enlarge):

Want to visit those in prison? Well, just go. Want to feed some hungry people? Just hand them some food. Want to preach the Gospel? Just stand in a town square, preferably with blond hair on your head and a soccer ball in your hand, and do your best in the language. You will guaranteed attract a crowd. Then hand out some tracts, some Bibles, balloons for the kids, whatever.

There are a million things to do. You just have to want to do them. "Faltan ganas", as they say in Spanish. You just need the desire and will to do it. Following Christ is sometimes so simple. We make it so complicated.

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