December 25, 2011

More Church Building, Patagonia style

Church building (as in the construction aspect) looks very different here in Patagonia than it does in the States. I posted some pictures a few weeks ago.

The church we attend here is small by American standards, but a good size by Argentinian standards. Maybe 120-150 people or so. The little one-room sanctuary they meet in is getting too small. So they've been constructing a bigger meeting place right next door. The pastor's wife here tells us how they cooked and sold chickens to raise the money to build the smaller, original building. Several churches in Europe helped them with the funds for the new building. It is because of churches in the first world that they were even able to build their Christian school (at least I think, if I got the story right...). That just warms my heart, the generosity of God's people in other parts of the world. Plus, the hard-working example of the believers here contantly blesses us. We are so humbled and blessed to know them, they are such an example in so many ways.

So, the Christmas service this past Sunday was in the new building. Many people from the church scrambled to finish construction, electrical installation, and cleaning to get it ready on Saturday for Sunday's service. All last minute, it seemed. But many things are last minute here in Latin America.

Tony was there all day helping. I stayed home because construction sites here are a little sketchy. The Patagonian winds often blow brick walls over or send tin roofs flying. I would have been no help anyway, and surely would have spent the whole scorcher of a day chasing my adventurous three year-old to keep her from stepping on nails and grabbing loose-hanging electrical wires. Besides, I was busy cleaning my house top to bottom, a little freaked out by our black-widows-in-the-neighborhood news.

Here are some pictures of construction.
putting up tin sheeting on the front of the new building

cleaning the inside - the floor was covered with resident pigeon droppings
the back of the church

getting ready to raise the covering for the back windows that don't have glass in them yet

window covering hung - they were about 30 feet off the ground here
I don't know what they're doing, but it looks dangerous


the worship band practicing {they played this kind of music;
people came in off the street during the service because they heard the music!}

working on the electrical wiring

they needed somebody light, so up went the pastor's wife

almost finished

The new church building was up and running just hours before the Christmas service. It was truly one of the most beautiful services I've had the pleasure and privelege to be a part of.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 


T & T Livesay said...

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Annie said...

Wow Amazing Chris!

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