December 14, 2011

how to get a family of 5 around without a car

Yes, that's right.

Besides bumming rides and borrowing friends' cars, this is how we've gotten around for over a month now. A little exercize, a little fresh air (and dust kicked up by passing cars), and some quality family time - ah, riding bikes. It's been fun and good. God has a purpose in everything, even in the one-week-turned-four that it's taken our car to get through customs paperwork here in Patagonia. But it finally did, Hallelujah! Tony is attempting to register at this very moment. I say "attempting" because one must attempt things many times, over and over again, fighting the whole way, just to get anything done here. It's called bureaucracy. Everything really is easy in the United States. We practically have everything handed to us. I kind of miss that. Life is easier there. But it's kind of boring, too. Here it's been challenging, but fun and interesting.

So now that we have our car back, time to have a little fun!

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