December 15, 2011

Remember the alamos

Alamos, or poplars, are very prolific here in Patagonia. Everywhere you look, you see them. They have quickly taken their place in the top three of My Absolute Favorite Trees (lodgepole pines and weeping willows being the other two).

alamos are majestic

 and they spring up everywhere
planted around the perimeters of fruit plantations, they serve as windbreakers 
they love water, so here in the desert they line irrigation canals

and line farms, protecting the animals and crops from the gusty and persistent Patagonian winds
even neighborhoods

1 comment:

Katie said...

I hate spiders, so instead, I will comment on this lovely post about trees. ;) Alamos really are lovely. I enjoyed seeing them when I traveled through Patagonia. They look particularly beautiful in the fall.

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