December 19, 2011

photos... just life

Uploading these on snail-speed internet will probably drive me to the edge, but I'm a gluton for punishment. So here are some random pictures from missions and church and life here in Argentina...

Side note: When the neighbor heard of our internet troubles (we still don't have it installed at home), he said he waited three months for his. Then he had pity on us, since we've only been waiting a month, and gave us his Wifi password. Nice, nice, niiiice neighbor. He's not around during the week, so I guess he doesn't mind us using up his broadband. Thank you, Jesus. I can't say the connection is hugely better, I still sit by the window and am constantly moving the laptop at strange angles, being bumped off randomly for no explicable reason. But here I sit because everyone wants pictures. And we love you. So we suffer with this insanity provoking connection out of love for friends and family, and random internet stalkers. And blogging is still fun, even though not as much without hi-speed. Somedays I'd rather have a root canal.

Tony doing a Bible study with Pedro in his plywood house (you can see our pool in the upper left)
Baptism in the Limay River (it was cooold from spring, mountain run-off)
Sr. Velazquez who repairs our bike flats - we have invited them to our Wednesday night Bible Study,
and his wife has expressed interest - hopefully they will come soon.

Puma and fox skins at Sr. Velazquez's bike shop
(I believe Pumas are endangered and you're not allowed to hunt them.)

deer head and bobcat skin

water balloon volleyball at Youth Camp for the 9-11 year-olds; most of these kids are neighborhood kids that aren't from Christian homes, but are being reached through the presence of the church or its Christian school

rinsing the potatoes for youth camp with water stored in gas containers -
there was no running water on site except in the bathrooms

pebbles on the River Limay

Patricia, who lives in this house across from Tony's sister's, is a Christian who would come across the street and encourage us and pray for us during our time in Buenos Aires

our living room/dining room 5 weeks ago

my almost 3 year-old begged me to start school: "I do hometool, too? I do hometool, you and me?"
spring flower, Buenos Aires
more early spring flowers (mums?), Buenos Aires

a playground at at the edge of our neighborhood


1 comment:

Christy said...

Thanks for posting the pictures even though it's a pain. Hopefully you get internet soon. I know how frustrating slow computer/slow internet it.

You have an in ground pool? Cool! It's hard to tell in that picture but I thought in your other post you were talking about your pool from home that your brought.

Aiden wants to know if you have seen any live armadillos. Do people eat them? I just read recently that eating armadillos is now linked to leprosy. Like you need one more thing to worry about. Sorry. Just don't eat them.

Seeing all your pictures makes me want to come visit despite the spiders, ash, germs and armadillos. Hopefully we can make it work some day. At this stage in our life I don't know that we would be much help. In the mean time it is so exciting for us to watch God at work through you guys. We just had a missionary couple at our church that are on their way to a restricted country for the first time and they are in their 50's. Their kids are all grown and they are just starting now. That was encouraging to see that it is never too late and God can use people at any stage in their life.

This was a super long comment and I probably just should have e-mailed you but I wanted to let you know we think of you often and pray for you daily.

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