December 10, 2011

Building Churches, Patagonia style

Two days ago was a holiday - the el Dia de la Virgen [Day of the Virgin]. No school, no work; everyone had off. So several pastors and guys from the church, including Tony, traveled 45 minutes south of here to build bathrooms for a church plant. They worked hard for 12 hours in the hot desert sun.

the pastor's house, which also functions as the church meeting place

Edgardo, a civil engineer, explaining the plans

breaking ground, all by hand - no machinery here

Edgardo is the pastor of our church, a full-time civil engineer, a missionary, leader of the Mennonite church in Argentina, leader of the Mennonite church in Latin America,  and is always out there leading the way by example

Lee, our missionary friend, watering and preparing the ground
and Elvio, another pastor, figuring out level ground

they figure out level ground using a hose with water in it

"Both thorns and thistles it shall grow for you..." - Genesis 3:18

preparing the foundation

making the steel frame for the foundation
pouring the foundation and not ashamed to take their shirts off for the gospel

how far they got after 10 hours

Elvio, an accountant, and Edgardo - both pastors of our church

Daniel, the pastor of the church plant and full time steel worker

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I recently moved to Buenos Aires with my Argentinian husband who is working here and have felt a lack of connection with God in the whole mess of this big city. I was really down in the dumps today when I stumbled on your blog. Your blog is inspiring and reminds me that he´ll never leave me nor forsake me. Even in new surroundings and on unfamiliar ground.

Any chance you know of a great church in Buenos Aires?

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