December 30, 2011

the spider pictures you've all been waiting for

...or not.

Scroll down only if you want to see what an Argentinian Black Widow (Red Back) Spider looks like.

Here are a few of the TEN Red Back Black Widows that were infesting a house just three blocks away.

you can see the red dot on the back of the one in the middle

the one they found behind the washer
Thanks, Dori, for sharing the pics. I think. At least now I know what to look for. Tony and the kids actually saw them live, well, mostly dead, twitching in the glass jars they had them in on top of their fridge. Ick.

So far we've found none here at our casita. Hope we never do. The good news is that Tony grabbed the fumigation guy when he came and talked him in to coming over and dousing our house, too.

Now, every night when I lay my little head down on my pillow, I think of black widows under my bed and flies that might crawl into... well, never mind. It's all just too gross to go on about.

I'll try not to post any more yucky spider pics. Promise.


1 comment:

Denise said...

I got brave and looked at these pictures. I can handle them. Wouldn't want to live with them, but I can look at the pictures! Praying they stay far away from your house!

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