December 10, 2011

an unexpected dinner guest

He was tangerine-size. My son said wolf spider; someone else said huntsman.

All spiders are venemous, but no worries, this one is not dangerous to humans.


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Denise said...

Stop it!! Every time I turn around, I see this stinkin' monster spider! I went on FB; there it was. I had to log into Nick's FB account; there it was again. Back to my FB; again, the spider! And now here, too?? Honestly, I clicked on the link, and CLOSED MY EYES while I scrolled down to the comments section! Oh, and then I saw your friend's picture on FB, too! Huntsman spider? Are you kidding me? Why, because it can hunt down a grown man??? Evil things. When I was once confronted with a wolf spider, someone told me they were so named because they can outrun a wolf. Thought I was gonna die! And this from someone who was bitten by a black widow. Given the choice, I'd rather go through getting bitten again than to even set eyes on a wolf or huntsman spider! Okay, I'm done. And yes, I've had therapy for my arachnophobia. It obviously didn't work! :) Praying for you guys!

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