November 29, 2011

a great video

a house in the neighborhood on the hill

Every Wednesday night a few musicians from church meet up in a neighborhood up on a hill with a couple other people to play (oh, what do they call it here? I can't remember...) musica folklore? musica criolla? I know it as "musica del altiplano", music of the high Andes, from my time in Ecuador... but my brain is too tired to tell you what they call it here. It's one of my favorite types of music, though. So beautiful.

Just watch.

In this video they are playing Christian worship music.

Tito, the guy strumming the little guitar really, really fast, came by to pick Tony up. The car broke down on the way there. Somehow he repaired it with dental floss (okay, it wasn't dental floss, but he fixed it somehow, right there by the side of the road.)

I wanted to go, but had a headache, so decided to hold off til next time. As I was talking there in our kitchen with Tito before they left, he noticed I had a little Andean panflute lying on top of the microwave (the one that doesn't work, by the way, it has transformer issues). I casually remarked how it has been my life-long dream to learn to play the Andean panflute (called something else here... but, alas, can't remember. Tito is a musicman and gave me a mini music class just standing there in the kitchen as he rattled off all the names of the different sized panflutes...). Tito then said he would teach me to play the panflute. He said he and his friends love to teach people. I should come and he would teach me. Wow... really?! Total dream come true!

Tony just laughed and asked if this is going to be like the time I wanted to learn to play the guitar. The one that just sat there in the living room, and then later in the basement.

I guess we'll see...

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Denise said...

I had the same experience with the guitar. I lost my enthusiasm when my fingers began to hurt! I can totally see you playing the panflute, though.

I just stared at the poverty. It's so foreign to me and I know seeing pictures of it isn't nearly the same as being there.

I'd love to be there to hear the music, too. Hope you get to go next time...

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