November 9, 2011

quickie update


Sitting at an internet cafe with the fam waiting outside so here goes... sorry if this is all over the place..

We are doing great - finally! Tony's back from Buenos Aires - the container thing went very well, praise the Lord! Tony said God was in every detail, EVERY detail. They took one peek at our stuff and waved us through. Many, many other miracles I wish I had time to share as well. The scanner that checks the contents of the container was also broken that day, so they couldn't scan to see anything questionable that would make him stop and have to open all 200+ boxes and packages.

After 9 days in Buenos Aires and an immense amount of stress (on my end too! I was alone here with the kids and no car), he drove the car back 14 hours straight with his nephew. The pics are incredible, I promise I promise I promise I will get them up as soon as we have interenet. We don't know yet if it reaches our house.

We are healthier, finally PTL, the kids are happier, and we really like it here. We have met many neighbors and they are soooo nice. The people here are wonderful, so nice, very open. Very respectful, polite, laid back, and just, well, nice. We like them a lot, and like the city. Tony has already begun sharing the gospel with people, especially the construction guys working on the house next door. They live in a tent and very old mobile home right on the site. The one guy said to Tony, "I was reading the verse on the back of your van... very interesting: I want to stop drinking and smoking, but don't know how." Tony, in his natural way, said, "I have something I want to share with you" and handed him a tract out of the car.

We look forward to getting the boxes out of the living room/dining room so we can finally walk in there, and finally do something more fun and less stressful - like a mission trip to some of the places Edgardo (the pastor) has told us about.

We were able to give Edgardo 20 boxes of clothing we brought to donate, and the tents a friend donated, too. He was very happy about that and said it will be a blessing to many people.

The church is great, the people are wonderful, and such an inspiration to us. They are very, very missions minded and are constantly doing something. They are strategic and orgainized. They don't just talk about missions or doing something, they do it. We can't wait to start doing more of what we came here for!

Tony had several interviews at the TV station here, it looks promising. Please pray they call him soon for work!

Since so many people have asked, as far as finances, we have received maybe $150 in donations this month I think. (Thank you, friends, for supporting us!) Until Tony finds a job, $150 a month definately helps, but doesn't support us fully here. Things are VERY expensive here in Argentina, very, very expensive, it's ridiculous. We are so, so, so glad we were able to bring our stuff. We saved many, many, many 1000s of dollars in just bringing the van we paid $2700 for. Here it is worth $25,000 and we could never pay that!!! Several people have already wanted to buy it from Tony! Imagine that, our old 99 beater Ford van.

Anyway, please pray for a job for Tony and if you want to support us! Our plan is to pay for our own expenses here (be self supporting), and donations to be used for mission work. That's the plan, but we recognize that our sustainer is God and God alone. I told Tony that He got us this far, He's not going to abandon us... too much to do down here!

Gotta go, kids are probably baking in the car - this desert sun is HOT! Thanks again Tim for the tinted windows - we had no idea how much we would need then here!


Royce said...

Chris -- so glad to hear you are physically felling better! We continue to pray for your healing, protection, strength and that God will surround you with love and support! We will pray for a job for Tony! Who can resist his charm? God's hand of favor rests upon him and he will prosper!
Chris - I love your honesty in your blogs - Maybe a book someday?
Love you,

Jacq & Jason said...

So so so glad. I have been praying for you. I am so glad things seem to be going better!

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