November 12, 2011

more pictures: across the Pampa to Patagonia

Here are some pics of Tony's trip across the Pampa to Patagonia with the Mission Mobile.

It was an answer to prayer that his nephew could make the trip with him.

If Tony had gotten lost, or fallen asleep at the wheel, or had broken down, that would not have been good (especially the falling asleep part).

He said the roads were surprisingly treacherous.

Doesn't he looked scared? Apparently there was no shoulder, they were driving (120 kph probably) into the blazing setting sun, and cars and trucks going both ways on the two-lane highway swerving like drunk drivers.

Tony was able to get a special permission from the customs agent to drive our van for 30 days with U.S. plates, until we register it here in Patagonia. So he quickly bought mandatory liability insurance, had an alarm system put in (very importante), gassed up, and took off on the 14-hour trip a day and a half after it rolled off the container.

They drove straight through and rolled into Neuquen at midnight. It was great to be able to get text messages from them from the road (yes, can you believe it?, I'm texting. It's a necessary evil. And I'm loving it thankyouverymuch. Everyone texts here, more than they talk on the phone even. Calls are expensive, texting is cheap. I love having phones and being able to get a hold of Tony whenever, and he me... that is, when there's a signal... which sometimes there isn't because it just mysteriously disappears... or you just can't get through... for no apparent reason.. because this is not the United States... no...)

Anyway, tangent, sorry. Here are some more pics.

Bee-yoo-tee-ful. Southern Buenos Aires Province, before Bahia Blanca (I suggest Google Earth if you haven't done that yet).

Half of the sky was rain, the other half sun.

You can fall asleep driving on these roads.

Heading west from Bahia Blanca, southern Buenos Aires Province, across the Pampa towards Patagonia.

Right into the setting sun...

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