November 12, 2011

pictures, finally: Buenos Aires

I spoke waaaayyy too soon on the last post about how great we are doing. We no sooner left the internet cafe and Miss Baby got sick - again.

Feverish and hallucinating this time.

Oh, sweet Jesus, please make it stop.

It didn't help that the weather went from near 90 and hot to 65, very windy, and ashy. The sun was grayed out there was so much ash blowing in. It was surreal; wish I had pics. My anxiety came surging back with a vengance that evening. We were driving along in some gray, 4 o'clock haze with a sick baby and all I kept thinking as I gazed out the window at the grayness outside was, "This is not normal. This is not normal that people live here, like this, under these conditions. People should not live here... Why are we living here???"

So forgive me for the lack of pictures since we arrived here a month ago now. I just last night was able to find two hours late at night to read the manual for the cell phones we brought with us from the States (we marvel that going to the mission field has catapulted us into 2011 and technology - we were about the only ones we know back home that didn't have a cell phone... except the $10 cheapy from the pharmacy that Tony dropped in the snow once. When the snow melted two weeks later, I saw it sitting there, but the ringer no longer worked... pretty much useless.).

So, anyway, finally figured out how to download the pictures from our cell phones - it only took me two months. And thanks to some random, open internet signal here in the barrio - finally able to upload some pics! Woohoo!

So without much further ado, here are some long overdue pictures... just a few from the phones for starters.

standing in line at the Immigration Office: let the paperwork begin

Argentine bureaucracy at its best: standing in lines for hours for everything
(find the gringa in this photo)

a car on the sidewalk
riding the train
More to come (as long as my pirated gift-from-God signal holds out)...


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