November 14, 2011

working as a cameraman again

working again as a cameraman

Tony worked one day last week freelancing for a local production company that produces marketing videos for oil companies in the region. They drove an hour north to Anelo (sorry, can't do the little squiggly thing over the n on my laptop), and he spent the day out in the hot desert sun filming trucks or something like that. He loved it. He can't believe he is working as a cameraman again after all these years. He also said the place was beautiful. The guy liked his work and said he has more work for him this week.

But not today, because he is on two different interviews with two different TV stations here! Praying he gets one of them, we do have rent to pay and food we need to eat! Gas for the mission mobile and trips to do evangelism would be good too!

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Anonymous said...

Chris and Tony: Read this article about calling. I got it from the Dec 4, 2010 issue of World Magazine. It's by Andrée Seu.

The article puts forth the idea that "counter-evidence" (another name for "hardship") cannot be used as the measure as to whether or not God has called us to something.

When Jane told me about your hardships, I thought of this article.

Key sentence: It is evident that the Holy Spirit told Hudson Taylor: "Go to China." No one could brook such a barrage of counter-evidence without a calling that transcended it.

Chris French

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