November 15, 2011

Lock down

A (really nice) customs official came to lock down the Mission Mobile today.

Tony went to the Customs Office here to register our vehicle today.

No problem, they said. All the paperwork is in order, you just need to park it until we process it all. No driving it until it is inspected and legally registered.

They really meant it.

Pablo was a really nice guy. He's actually the boss, and coming out to our house was not his job. He's not sure why he did it, the guys responsible for this part of the tramite are on vacation. It was 92 degrees and he came anyway. Sealed our baby right up and took a picture of the odometer just to insure we don't get out of line.

They mean business. We are impressed, in an ironic, inconvenienced kind of way.

Good news is they said it would only take 10 days until all is well and legal. Public transportation is very, er, not prolific here, so good thing we went food shopping yesterday. Hopefully we'll make it until our car is released into the land of the living.

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