November 29, 2011


Lost internet for over a week. We can't go on like this. Hopefully getting internet here at home this week. Which means probably next week. Or the week after. Patience required.

Here is Tony's friend, Pedro (the one who works and lives in the tent next door). He came to church on Sunday, then Tony invited him in amongst all our boxes and craziness to stay for lunch. Afterwards, we showed him two of the Torchlighters Series, the Richard Wurmbrand one, I believe, and the Amy Carmichael story (not sure, I was washing dishes... as usual).

He was riveted. Tony also bought him a really nice study Bible at church. You should have seen his face. He held it up in front of him and stared at it like it was made of gold.

He said he was only going to use it on Sundays.

We said, "No, no, you have to read it every day! And study it. It's the only thing that can change your life."

Please pray for Pedro. He began coming to church with us, and Tony takes him to a men's discipleship group every Monday. But he has a lot of problems, one being with alcohol. He said he wants to quit but doesn't know how. The day this picture was taken, he wreaked of alcohol.

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Denise said...

I will pray for Pedro. I love your description of him receiving his Bible!

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