December 20, 2010

Update - December, 2010

BREAKING THE NEWS: Everybody knows now that we're crazy and planning to move to Argentina as missionaries  - even Mom, the last one to know (read about the reason). She took it exceptionally well. Or so we thought. Turns out not really. As a matter of fact, more than a few are not, it seems (1 Cor 2:14). Sigh. Oh well. Continuing to spread the news on other fronts. Fundraising will be our next step, so it's important everybody know. Hard when we go to a church of 400+ or so and we no longer know everyone.

PREPARATION: Got all our passports renewed and up to date! Tony finally got his US passport. Never thought I'd see the day (I believe it was, "Argentina til DEATH!". Uh-huh. Who's a Yankee now? LOL!). Baby had to get hers, and Dear Daughter's had expired. So expensive - geez. Glad we had that yard sale.

MISSIONS ORGS: We are contacting a variety of them now. We really like Operation Mobilization, and have had several really nice and very informative conversations with them. We don't know if it'll work out with them, though, because although they work in Argentina, they do not work in the area of the country we feel called to. And since they are a team-oriented organization (a good thing), they don't usually send people into a new area alone. But, we'll see. We're also looking into YWAM, which has an office in Bariloche, and other organizations, as well. 
     Closed doors, opens doors - God is in control of all that. But, as we get closer to leaving, it has become very clear to us that the most important thing we will need there is support (moral, spiritual, emotional, prayer, logistics - not just financial) . A missions organization would provide that. 

HEALTH: Many medical/dental issues to take care of. Thankfully the kids are healthy. Considering some shots for the baby - she hasn't had any yet. Argentina does not suffer from all the diseases prevalent in many other Latin countries, but we are reconsidering some shots for her, nonetheless. After her 911 scare, I don't want to go through that again for a preventable disease in an area where 911 may not be so reliable.
     Fortunately, I'm all caught up on my dental; Tony is another story. He has a beautiful smile, but his teeth are shot. 18 cavities. I guess that's what happens when you don't go to the dentist your whole life. No way we can afford to fix them all, so just waiting and praying about what to do. Maybe dental work is cheaper in Argentina. Who has $10,000 lying around to spend at the dentist, anyway? Not us, for sure.
     In other news, Tony proved his love for me by, er, insuring Mommy doesn't ever have to experience pregnancy again. Now that's love. At least, in my book. It went well, and no regrets, just peace. We like babies and love our kids; it's pregnancy, birth, and recovery I don't do well - especially in third world countries. I should write my birth story first time around in Argentina, to aid in the understanding. It's good for a laugh - or a good scare. Anyway, I'm all for loving more kids, I just suspect that, if they are in our future, they won't be biological ones. So, SO thrilled to not have this worry over my head!
     Also finally found a migraine medication that works ~ hallelujah! And doesn't necessitate a 911 call on myself for adverse reactions. The Migraine Diet has been UN-BE-LIE-VABLE - but I've already raved about that.

God is good.

I think that's all for now.

And for the local yocals: Fundraiser Meal to come, stay tuned.



Katie said...

I completely understand how frustrating the reactions of family and friends can be. While my dad and stepdad were very supportive, there were a number of people who were quite critical of my decision to move to Argentina [read It's Time for a Small Rant]. Hang in there!

Re: dental work, Tony should hold out and have the work done here. Dental work is significantly cheaper here in Argentina than in the U.S. (and good quality if you go to the right dentist).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Annie said...

Chirs, it is amazing to see ALL of the details necessary to GO. If fact, I am probably missing a bunch that I haven't even thought of that you may be working on. I am a migraine sufferer too. I had headaches often throughout my life, but I began have debilitating migraines about 4 years ago. I will check out the link you shared and also, please share with me what medication you take. I do imitrex, which is very helpful SOME of the time, but it makes me feel so ill.

Chris said...

Katie - yes, I read that post and can relate! We're doing better dealing w/the negativity. It's easier to let it roll off our backs when we remember that we have to live our lives to please God and not to please others. There will always be people who disagree. That's the way it is.

Annie - I've had migraines for 5 years now. The only, only, ONLY relief I have had (and I have tried EVERYTHING) has been because of the right meds AND the Migraine Diet. I had a bad reaction to Imitrex (altho it works great), so now use RelPax. I take a 1/4 - 1/2 a pill, very slowy (b/c it is strong like Imitrex) and it works GREAT. The Migraine Diet is amazing as well. But the single most effective thing that that has helped me has been eliminating caffeine from my diet. I miss my coffee, but I am SO MUCH BETTER, and it has so been worth it! I barely get migraines anymore, and when I do, they are so mild. Hope that helps! :)

Chris said...

Oh, Katie, and thanks for the dental tip. I think we will probably do that!

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