March 26, 2010

Adventures in Washington, DC

Our "fantabulous" trip to DC was quite possibly the most distastrous weekend vacation of all time. Here is what happenned, in a nutshell:

Let's see... purchased defective cell phone for trip, had to exchange said phone, so left late, forgot directions, had no time to charge or activate new phone, therefore stood-up old college roomie I was planning to see, museums swamped with entire population of East Coast, children not listening, baby screaming, baby only wanting to scoot on dirty floors/wet ground picking up old food, children whining, children running off in museum wanting to see everything all at the same time, can not discipline in public, dinner too late=migraine, check FB at hotel to send apology message to old college roomie only to find stepfather died AHH! :(, worried about mom, can not call from hotel OR cell, wake up with migraine, oh well off to zoo, entire east AND west coast at zoo, hot, children not listening, baby scooting on dusty ground picking up more food, screaming baby, hungry, thirsty, attempt to eat at restaurant on way back to hotel, baby so tired and screams entire time, bad parent stares from everyone within 50 mile radius, more migraine pain, meds not working, back to hotel, try last resort migraine medication=bad reaction, call 911, last straw for husband who begins pulling own hair and saying "What am I going to do? What am I going to do?" as he throws pillows in attempt to pack bags for unplanned ER visit, about to faint or die not sure, tongue lolling out of mouth, EMT assure me I am not dying, decide to stay at hotel, Monday pouring rain, pop only Tylenol now, smile!, bag plans and tour DC by CAR, get lost, husband forgot map of DC, me too, illegally park to get gratuitous pic of White House, attempt to leave town for home and end up in VA a little out of the way, now caught in rush hour, sigh... at least headache gone now and the kids said they had a GREAT time in DC. :)

Well, that's good, because WE didn't. Tony is still having fun doing his impersonation of me calling 911 on myself. With no help from him, I might add. We laugh about it now.

At one point during the mayhem I looked at Tony and just shook my head. He said, "Well, we'd better get used to this because we'll need to be prepared for all sorts of things allá (meaning Argentina). It'll be ten times harder than this." I know he is right. I momentarily and somewhat seriously reconsider this whole missionary thing.

There were so many great photo opps to be had, but nursing my pounding head took presidence, so we really didn't take many at all :( .
So glad to be home. The funeral was more than sad. Maybe I'll write about that a year from now, maybe not... we're all still licking our wounds and trying to recover.

"Behold, all souls are mine..." -Ezekiel 18:4

[Check out our next attempt at an enjoyable weekend in DC here]

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Denise said...

Ooh, we can post comments now?? Cool! You know I understand, and I've actually written about similar Vacations Gone Bad. I'm very sorry about your stepfather; I saw it on FB and realized that's how you must have found out. I'll pray that you have some calm days. Oh, and I really, really want to come over to see Tony's impression of you calling 911!!! :)

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