December 18, 2010

Pookie, may you Rest In Peace

 Dec. 2009 - Dec. 2010

Your twinkling eyes,
your soft, fuzzy little body,
your damp nose,
your low-maintenance self.

You truly will be missed. We hope you are romping around in Hamster Heaven with all your other hamster friends (we know there are lions and lambs in heaven, but we couldn't find any verses about hamsters). You were the best (and easiest) pet EVER. *sniff*

(And if the chilluns hadn't've forgotten to feed your sweet, innocent self - you surely would have lived a longer, happier life. But don't tell them, they think you died mysteriously, possibly of old age. Because, as you know, hamsters only live from 1-3 years. And Mommy killed her hamster, too, of starvation, when she was your age. It happens.)

We miss you. Even Mommy, who said she didn't want a rat in the house.

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