October 18, 2010

Yard Sale Success

The Yard Sale was a great success, although it started out BAD. Migraine bad. Even Tony had a headache. Very unusual for him... we are really feeling the spiritual battle right now. But that's another post.

Since the new migraine meds are really strong, I just took a quarter of one and got to work. Desperate prayer, the cold air, and that little magical pill knocked the migraine right out. In an hour I was 100%. I couldn't believe it. That has never happenned before. The LORD is my helper. 

It was a blessed day in many ways. Several friends also stopped by to visit and chat. It was SO nice. I believe it was THE most uninterrupted conversation with adults I have had in the last two years since baby was born. It was GLORIOUS. So blessed while Tony watched the kids. He came out from time to time, it seemed exactly when someone who spoke Spanish would show up. They'd chat, and he'd hand them some tracts in Spanish and/or a Bible to take with their purchase. He is amazing that way. I just love to watch him. A friend also brought me lunch and we were actually able to sit outside in the sun and eat together and TALK sans les enfants. No, I do not think I will have empty nest syndrome - that was much too enjoyable. :)

We brought in a grand total of $203.30 - twice as much as we were hoping for. Enough for Baby's passport and two or three nights in a hotel. Not bad for a blustery Fall day's work. Well worth the effort. Will definately be doing this again in the Spring!


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Katie said...

I'm so glad you had success with the yard sale. $200 is a pretty good haul! Craigslist is also great for selling larger items like furniture. Try it out if you haven't already.

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