September 14, 2010

The Migraine Diet

For years I've prayed, "LORD, I'll only go to the mission field if you heal me of these migraines. I can't go with these headaches. Please."

Well, time tempers a person.

The LORD hasn't healed me yet. I keep praying. We keep praying, keep asking. But, after four and a half years of suffering and no healing in sight, it's something I am just. learning. to live with.

So, the latest is my new Dr. suggesting the "Migraine Diet".

I'm desperate enough to actually give it a try.

All foods on this list are known, common triggers for migraines - half of them were already known to me, half were a complete surprise.


NO caffeine of any kind (kill me now)
NO chocolate
NO ripened/aged cheeses (only cream cheese, farmer's cheese, and cottage allowed)
NO vinegar (except white)
NO nuts (including peanut butter, almond butter)
NO sour cream 
NO yogurt
NO fermented, pickled, or marinated anything (ie, wine, beer, pickles, soy sauce, marinated meats, etc.)
NO fermented sausage meats (salami, bologna, pepperoni, summer, hot dogs)
NO hot fresh breads, raised coffecakes, and doughnuts
NO pizza
NO herring
NO pork
NO onions
NO pods of broad beans (lima, navy, pea pods)
NO citrus (or no more than 1 orange per day)
NO bananas (or no more than 1/2 per day)
NO canned figs
NO avocado
NO nutrasweet
NO red dye

*MSG (monosodium glutamate) is in most prepared foods. It is often disguised as Spice, Natural Flavor, Seasonings, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, among others. See full list here.

I would add sugar to this list, as well. Sugar headaches are bad.

Herring, pork, and bananas were a big surprise to me. That would explain why my Cranberry Pork Crockpot gave me a day long headache both times I made it.
So, what can I eat? Rice, pasta, veggies, eggs? (I foresee weight loss in my immediate future.)
I'm also weaning myself off of my beloved coffee. I am that desperate (wow, I've said desperate several times so far) that I am even willing to give up my second best friend: coffee. Sniff. I'm down to one very weak cup in the morning. Gag. It's almost not worth drinking.

I have to confess I do feel better. A little. My nerves are calmer, that's for sure. I am still getting headaches. Like the one I have right now. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. Especially if it means avoiding medications. Which I fully want to do. BUT, if this spartan diet doesn't work...

Give me drugs.

More from my new, coffee-free, semi-catatonic state later....


The Migraine Diet (comprehensive version) = THE guide to preventing migraines through diet  = a helpful link

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