May 23, 2011

more Yard Sale success

Yard Sale #2 (see #1) on Saturday was a smash success! We made a killing (thanks to Jesus, and my mom, who donated tons of tools!).

We were up by 4am and worked straight through until 10 or 11pm at night - but it was worth it. And tons of fun. We got rid of a lot of junk and made enough to ship the Mission Mobile to Argentina! The kids even sold some of their stuff, and were able to keep what they made: about 30 bucks each.

Just one more yard sale (thank God!) and we should be downsized enough to move and hopefully make enough to ship the rest of our belongings, including supplies for ministry and stuff to bless the indigenous church.

4am shot, the dining room table is under there somewhere

...the junk, it was EVERYwhere...

 ...and more junk...

...and more... half the furniture in this picture is now gone, and I'm very happy about that!

 setting up, and a few early birds

...setting up more stuff...

After we spent 3 or 4 hours setting the stuff up, the swarms descended. We had lines of people wanting to buy stuff. We are so thankful it went well - we were able to downsize and helped my mom get rid of 2 garages, 2 sheds, an attic, and a basement full of tools. Everyone was happy. After a week of non-stop rain, God blessed us with perfect weather - not a drop of rain. And the two weeks we spent googling and pricing tools was worth it, too, because very few people haggled the prices. It was also great seeing and talking to friends who stopped by. A big Thank You to all who came out and prayed and helped!

Now to clean my house. It looks like a bomb went off in here.


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