May 24, 2011

Argentine slang word of the day

a full (pronounced 'ah-FOOL') = full; at full power; as much as possible; completely (into) for the time being: "Estoy a full con el estudio" = "I’m absolutely focused in study."

Another fine and highly applicable example: "Estoy con el café a full." = "I am at full power with the coffee," or "I am completely into coffee for the time being."

You know, because I'm moving my entire life transcontinentally in a few months. With 3 kids. High maintenance toddler included. I need energy.

So, yeah... so much for life after caffeine. It was nice while it lasted. A nice, mellow, 8 months. That I don't remember.

So bring on the high-octane, baby. I'm gonna need it. {insert histerical, highly caffeinated smile here :D}

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