April 13, 2011

Meet Big Blue

Or "The Mission Mobile". Or whatever we'll end up calling her.

Ain't she pretty??

We prayed this puppy in. After recently paying off all our credit cards, we were able to hoard the rest of our income tax return (God's saving plan for the poor, I call it:)) to go towards preparations for the big move.

Tony wanted to take a big van with us so we could pile all the kids in, any equipment or supplies we'll need (like JESUS film projectors etc.), and still have room to stuff a small village in there, too. And we do, check it out:
Okay, so  you can't see it really well, but the first row of seats is missing. There's this huge wide open space there, perfect for stuffing equipment in. And I'm sure we'll eventually have plenty of "how we fit 25 people in our van" stories. We really like it like this. It works out great because the kids can be all the way in the back seat whining asking for something, and I can just shout back, "I'm sooo-rrryyyy, I can't heeeeeaaaaar yoooouuuu!". No really... It even has a hitch on the back. We're sure that'll come in handy for something.

The back seats fold down into a bed which could sleep all three kids, and there is still room for us to sleep where the seats were! Stellar. Tony is very happy with it. He loves the '94 Ford van we have now, but this one is newer with 60,000 less miles. We prayed long and hard for God to lead us to the right car, and the Man was sure that this was the one. Now we're getting rid of our other two cars, 'cause we need the money!

So, assuming she's not a lemon - and Lord-willing - we'll be shipping her down to Patagonialand.


*To understand why we decided to buy and ship a car as opposed to buying one there, check out the prices on this site (just divide by 4 and you will get the price in dollars)for what you get = crazy!


Christy said...

Whoo Hooo! Love the conversion van!

I can't believe you are packing already! How exciting.

Denise said...

Very nice! I love all the room!

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