May 17, 2011

wow, like WOW

I was just about to write a post about how down in the dumps we have been and could you please pray for us and the whole move and stuff?

But then we got the most amaaaazing email.

But before I share it with you, a little background:

We sold one of our cars and bought a newer van with less miles, with the idea that we would ship it down to Argentina, instead of buying a car there (= too expensive).

The cost to ship the van is anywhere from $2000-$4000. Then we pay 82% of the value of the car just to get it through customs (which, even though we paid only $2700 for our van, they would use the highest Kelly Blue Book value - over $5000 - to calculate the tax). This is still infinitely cheaper than to buy one there (like $12,000-$20,000 cheaper).

So, we had a reality check this month when we peeked into our Mission Fund (ratty envelope) and saw a couple hundred dollars there.

What to do?

Pray. And have other people pray? And thank other people when they pray? And ask God to do the impossible even though you really don't believe He actually will or can?

(We're such worms.)

So, then we got THIS email from a customs agent in Argentina who (Lord would have it) is a Christian. He writes:

"It seeems that God wants to do something regarding your situation. Today a new law passed, a law that has been pending for more or less two years, which states that any Argentine citizen that has been living outside the country for over two years who wants to bring his personal belongings together with his car (which can not have a value exceeding US$10,000) will not have to pay any importation tax.

This is all very new, so new that this morning the official newsletter came out... I wanted to tell you because we can now forget [the import tax]. You will still need to own the car for at least three months before arriving in Argentina.

May God always bless you and your family."

Isn't that INCREDIBLE?!? God just saved us almost $5,000 - that we didn't have anyway!


Denise said...

Wow! Amazing to see God at work!

Joann said...

Chris -- doesn't our wonderful LORD show His love for us in the most amazing ways !!! Be encouraged sister - I love you !!!

Kristy said...

This quote came to mind:

"O! He is a suitable Saviour! He has power, authority, and compassion, to save to the uttermost. He has given His word of promise, to engage our confidence, and He is able and faithful to make good the expectations and desires He has raised in us. Put your trust in Him; believe (as we say) through thick and thin, in defiance of all objections from within and without."

~ John Newton

Glad to hear this news!

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