May 2, 2011

answer to prayer :)

"...for your Father knows what you need before you ask him." ~Mat. 6:8

Oh, if I could just believe the truth of this more often!

Last year when we decided to do this thing and follow God to the foreign mission field, I admit I struggled a lot with fear. My mind was filled with all sorts of horrible things that could go wrong: the kids could get sick, one of them could die, we could get sick, what if one of us dies (or both!), what if the kids get kidnapped - you know someone slips something in our drinks and takes off with the kids (I know, I am neurotic...) - what if we end up living in a dump with a leaky ceiling and no hot water and cockroaches everywhere, what if we make the move and Tony never finds a job, what if we move and people forget about us - we leave it all for Christ and no one supports us - what if we don't have access to medical care, what if we can't afford to buy a car, or it gets stolen from us... and on and on and on.

I was seriously gripped with fear. Fears of all kinds. Some rational, most irrational. Fear is like that - mostly irrational.

One of my prayers over this past year has continually been, "Oh, Lord, please provide medical, at least for the kids! If it's not through a job, please at least provide the money so that we can afford to pay for medical if one of us gets sick!"

Medical attention is just something that's important to me at this stage in life. There are a few things that I feel like I "need" in order to go (that sounds lame, but it's kind of true). Medical for my kids is one of those things. It's just important to me, and to my peace of mind as a mommy.

I don't know that I have "big faith" - the kind that can just go with nothing. I wish I did. Some people might look at us and think that we have that kind of faith - but let me just tell you right now, we often pray for faith, that God would simply give us faith. We are not spiritual giants with a "special" calling. There's nothing special about me, or Tony, or our faith. I admit my faith is small, as small as a mustard seed. But that is all God requires. (Luke 17:6)
So, back to my story....

We recently found out that medical attention is entirely free in Neuquén. Free for everyone. And it's really good medical care, too.

In all my prayers, it never occurred to me that God would provide FREE medical for us in Argentina.

The government apparently actually uses the money it has and it's given, at least in the province where we are going, to actually do something good with it. Hats off to you, Neuquén!

They not only have free, quality medical attention, but the province of Neuquén, specifically the capital where we will be, also has free sports programs for kids, free educational workshops for adults to learn a new skill or trade, and free public libraries, as well as many other community programs.

We were stunned to learn this. Buenos Aires wasn't like that. And most parts of Argentina are not like that.

So, Thank you, Jesus! Forgive my unbelief, and help me to trust you more!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago, while googling something about Francis Chan. I have NEVER commented on a blog before, I usually like to just be a silent observer. But, after reading some of your older posts, and this one ....I had to write you. You sound just like me! So it cracks me up to read someone else write down their thoughts and fears that are so similar to mine. My husband and I lived in South America for a time and have talked about going back with our kids, and the same fears you have.... I deal with too. So, it is nice to be reminded that our God is bigger than our fears. Looking forward to more of your blogging. Oh and if I was reading your blogging dates correctly, we share the same birthday!!! :)


Katie said...

An important lesson you must learn right now is that, for better or for worse, Buenos Aires ≠ the rest of Argentina.

Chris said...

Shannon - thanks for stopping by! :)

Katie - yes, and thank God for that! I rarely got out of BA when we lived there, and my experience there was NOT GOOD - so I see the "BA does not equal the rest of Argentina" as a very good thing. At least, I think it will be for us. :)

Christy said...

That is really REALLY awesome!

Annie said...

Hi Chris! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a bit. Without my laptop (broken) and sharing the home computer with 5 busy, business doing, homework researching, socializing family members, I don't get "my turn" as often!
I am so blessed and encouraged every time I stop by your blog. This post is amazing. Isn't God so good to not only give you what you need, but also always above and beyond that. I am so happy for the resources you all will have!!

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