April 4, 2011

Moving right along... Part deux

Things are still moving right along in preparation for the Big Move. It is wild and amazing to see it all unfold.

It makes me think of this song (allow me to be weird for just a moment...)...

And we feel just about as happy as Kermie and Fozzy, too!

Let me tell you why... (and by the way, I should let you know that Tony says that when I open my mouth he trembles for fear of what I'll say next. That would be because of my incredible social ineptitude, I'm guessing. I admit it's true, I often share things that are better left private, but some things must be told. This, I believe, is one of those things).

Allow me to share with you how amazing our God is.

This week we've been fasting and praying. You know, just feel like we should. I always hesitate to say, "Oh yeah, I'm fasting," or, "Yeah, fasting today!" because I don't want it to come off Pharasaical or anything. But it's important to note that prayer and fasting makes things happen. It always amazes and encourages me to see the connection between 'fasted today' and - BAM! - 'answered prayer' tomorrow.

You see, we need God and we need Him to do all this for us, because there is no way, zippo zero, we can do this (missions thing) by ourselves. So we set our minds and bodies to fast and pray asking the Lord to do this, and please do that, and Lord we really need you here because there is NO WAY we can do that over there so would you please?

So to my story...

Someone who just made the move to Argentina from the US gave us a number to call of someone else who could maybe help us. This contact is in the shipping business. Tony called him, told him our story, and asked for a quote to ship our belongings. The guy talked to Tony for a while, asked us a lot of questions, then
proceeded to give us tons of fatherly advice on moving overseas, humanitarian helps, and the like. Since he's 78 year old, is in the shipping and moving business, and has moved overseas several times himself, we listened.

After talking for over an hour he then said, "Listen, I'm not a Christian. I'm Jewish. But I believe we should all help, no matter where we are. So I'd like to help you. Do me a favor, from here on out, don't worry about shipping your stuff. I'd like to do it for you for free - or as close to free as I can get it. So don't worry about it anymore, don't waste one single moment worrying over how you will get the money to ship your stuff."

............{mouths gaping open}

Tony and I looked at each other, gaping, and me with this look like, "Did he just say what I think he just said?". Tony shook his head in the affirmative. I burst into tears. Tony hung his head in gratitude or disbelief, or both.


(We're hoping his offer is genuine... guess we'll see!)

In other news...

We also {finally} received a response to our inquiry at the Jesus Film Project. The idea is to get hooked up, if possible, with everything we will need to take with us in order to show the film there (we are thinking Mapuche, high up in the isolated mountain villages, kids, slums, neighborhood outreaches, VBSs etc.) . The email I received was from the Director of the Jesus Film Project in Latin America. I noticed in his email he also CC'ed someone else - someone I know - the director  of Campus Crusade for Christ in Argentina! The very same guy that pastors the church I went to in Buenos Aires 10 years ago!

Out of 40 million people in Argentina, we know the same person?!?

God is AMAZING! He has so hooked us up. I could not make this stuff up if I tried. It's like it was His plan that we return all along.

All that is going on in our lives right now reminds me of the story in the Bible where God commands the Israelites to cross the Jordan. The Jordan was overflowing its banks, probably looking impossible to cross. God only parted the waters after the priests placed the heel of their foot in the water. Only after they obeyed and started walking it out did He then show his power and glory.

He asks us to do the same today: Trust. Have faith. Obey. It is then, and sometimes only then, that we see his power and glory.

"...for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders..." ~ Joshua 3:5


Christy said...

I got chills reading this! This is so AMAZING! Praise the LORD!!

I love that Muppets song too and always think of it when I hear or say that phrase. :)

Denise said...

Wow!! (I feel like I write that about a lot of your posts!) Nothing like the power of fasting and prayer.

I'm so glad you started this blog so that there's a record of everything. Just amazing...

Annie said...

Hi Chris! Wow, God is amazing!! Why am I always so amazed? But, well, He just continues to do these amazing things and I am awed. This is really an inspiration for me this morning. SO COOL!!!

Katie said...

Chris, I'm amazed at all of the ways that God is working in your life to help you get to Argentina. I know that you and Tony are going to make a real difference here.

Chris said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies - it means a lot. We are pretty amazed, too! All I keep thinking of is that if God wants us to make a difference there (and we believe He does) then He has to get us there first! Looking forward to being on the other side!

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