March 11, 2011

Moving right along...

Things are snowballing around here.

Tony began looking for a job - in Argentina. Which means lots of phone calls. Down there, it's who you know, not necessarily what you do. Or how good your resume is. Since Tony worked in television when we lived there, and has kept in touch with all his former co-workers and friends, they are right now looking into seeing what they can do for him. So nice!

But, in case nothing becomes of that - we called Edgardo, our new pastor friend in Patagonia, and told him the good news - that we're taking the plunge and going! We asked him about real job possibilities in Neuquén, and he filled us in and will start talking to people for Tony. He was very happy and is eager to help us in whatever we would need. Can you believe that?? So amazing. We were also talking about all the various ministry possibilities there are. He and his wife were thinking of putting us to work with the youth. I could totally see Tony doing that. A little discipling, a little Bible study, a little soccer... yeah, I could totally see that. Edgardo thinks we have a "young look" -LOLOLOL. Sorry, but that is hilarious. We're the same age as they are. Young, yeah... I'm feeling a little bit too old to be doing crazy things like moving half way around the world with three kids and no job yet.

We asked him a million more questions and are getting a better picture of life in northern Patagonia. We called him at noon, expecting him to be back at work after their visit here to the US, but he was home!


OH. MY. WORD. They still do that in parts of Argentina?? I know in Buenos Aires they don't. But in Neuquén, everyone goes home for lunch then takes a nap. Everyone.

LOL! Wow. I think I might like that.

So things are moving right along...

I also spoke to some shipping agencies today. In case you're wondering here is a ballpark quote I got:

Shipping Costs from NY to Buenos Aires, Argentina:
  • 20 medium size boxes (books, clothing, supplies, whatever) = $1300-$1500
  • 1 Container = $4,000-$,5000
    • container may include one vehicle plus 20-30 boxes
      • vehicle must be approved by Argentine consulate before being shipped
      • original title must be registered to owner a minimum of 3 months prior to arival in Argentina
      • 80% duties charged on vehicle by Argentine customs (so if we buy a new used 4X4 for say, $3000, we pay $2400 just to get it through customs. So that's $3000 for the car, about $3000 to ship it, plus $2400 in duties for a grand total of $8400 just to ship a cheap beater)

We may be starting a car fund instead.



Denise said...

Those car rates are crazy! I can't even imagine what I'd take. Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was BOOKS! I love that they do the afternoon siesta; I could get into that. :)

Chris said...

Denise, I know, insane! BUT, we were looking at the prices of cars down there, and a little, old, beater is even MORE expensive than what it would cost to buy and ship a used 4X4. Providentally, Tony knows someone in customs, so we're just to be able to get ahold of a good, cheap 4X4 and some sort of miracle...
And, yes, BOOKS! Must have books. And in English. Can't get them where we're going. And I'll continue to hs in English - which they will lose if I don't!

Chris said...

"just PRAYING" that is... that's all we can do in a situation like this!

Eli said...

Yes, cars are CRAZY expensive here. Start a car fund. :)
I hope Tony finds a job right away. I know God can do provide the perfect job. We came down with jobs in the works and God's provided wonderfully for us (including a car!)
I know a family in Neuquén who has a church (the wife is an MK so she speaks English). I can give you their information if you'd like.
I pray your move goes smoothly!!

Chris said...

Liz, we'd love info on your friends in Neuquen. That would be great. And yes, it seems that either way the whole car thing is going to be expensive. I'm glad things have gone smoothly for you - I'd love to hear about it sometime. Hope they go as smoothly for us!

Annie said...

So excited to see how things are moving forward, Chris! Ok, so those shipping rates are crazy! I am praying for a job and car for you all. Keep moving, you all are seeing your vision take form before your eyes.

Katie said...

It's so exciting to read about how things are taking shape for you and Tony!

Regarding siesta, it's still a practice that's observed in many parts of Argentina. Here in Necochea, the vast majority of businesses close around 12:30pm or 1pm and don't open until 4pm-5pm. People aren't necessarily sleeping, but they sure as heck aren't working either! ;)

Shipping expenses are just outrageous, aren't they? I only brought along four suitcases with me when I moved here, because, at the time, I couldn't justify the expense. Some days I wish I'd bitten the bullet though... ;)

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