April 14, 2011

Donate button

I finally added a Donate button to the sidebar, see -------> ?

Several people have asked us how they could go about giving if God touched their hearts to do so - and since we are not into asking people for money (or maybe we're just afraid to ask, who knows) - we wanted to at least provide a way for people to give if they feel so led. So, voilá -there you go: a Donate through Paypal button. :)

And for the curious (because a question we hear more and more frequently is, "So, how are you going to do that financially?"), Tony will probably only be making about $1000 a month working in Argentina (and that's a "decent" average salary). We hope he earns more, but it may be even less. And since Argentina is expensive anymore, that won't go much further than it would here.  We're preparing mentally for bare bones livin' - you know, living sacrificially for the gospel and all that. So, in case you wanted to help support our work there, now you know how to do it - and that we'll really need it!

For the local yocals: you may make a tax-deductible donation with receipt by giving to our mission through our local church - just make sure you write "GO Fund: Argentina" in the Memo line. Thanks!

***We appreciate any support, whether it's financial or prayer or spiritual/moral/emotional, because I can assure you we're gonna need it!***


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