April 21, 2011

The death of a dream, and other preparations

Aphid damage... wah

My dreams of a little backyard homestead have died another painful death this year. With great sadness, I decided to ditch the garden dream (just for this year). I lost half my seedlings to aphids, anyway.

The arugula and collard greens survived, though.
baby arugula :)

I guess aphids don't like arugula and collard greens.

baby collards

Hopefully I can pick the Backyard Homestead Dream back up again next year, on yonder Southern Hemisphere. Better luck next year.

Other than that, we've been VERY busy. Besides packing up our whole house, buying the Mission Mobile, figuring out Paypal, writing letters, and even compiling an email list for people who want to receive monthly/bi-monthly newsletters after we leave.... there is so much more going on now that I'm finding myself with less and less time to post.

We have been busy talking with the bank, figuring out how to do our taxes abroad, trying to sell our other two cars, learning how to sell stuff on Craigslist and eBay, finishing up the school year, wrapping up the kid's classes and sports, attending tons of birthday parties (a lot of people were born in April!), lunches and dinners with friends and family, oh and don't forget Easter's coming! - and then there's doctor's and dentist's appointments, yard sale prep, fundraiser meal planning, field trips, and oh tomorrow's my birthday but, hey, who has time to celebrate?

And it's probably going to get even busier from here on out!

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Handsin said...

Hi Chris:
Deepest condelences on the demise of the plants. Don't worry, you will surely be learning some new gardening techniques in Argentina.
I know the busyness of packing up and going is heaping up on you right now, but God is still in control and His plan IS good (it's not going to be good, it hasn't just been good before, it IS good).
Be encouraged. Pray often. And thank God for giving you an awesome ride on the crazy bus of missions... there's nothing like it.
a sister you have yet to meet.

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