April 7, 2011

How To Make a Header

All three kids have the flu right now, and it's strangely quiet around here. I don't think it's been this quiet in YEARS. I'm rather liking it (the quiet, that is). Tony and I have miraculously escaped illness so far.

But, I'm sure now that I wrote that, I've sealed the deal - tomorrow one of us will go down for sure.

In the quiet, I have been having fun making blog headers! Thanks Courtney for explaining how! I never could have figured it out myself.

Here are few headers I've made so far over on Photobucket.

And, of course, this one...
{those are Tony and his brother's feet!}

...that's looking dorky, small, and off-center up there in my header... which, if Blogger would stop spazzing on me, I would be able to remove and resize. One handed, with napping toddler on my lap. Because I'm a Mom. And I'm totally bored, and not used to having free time, or a baby that actually naps. For two whole hours! So, being forced to sit, I'm making headers.


Denise said...

Very nice! I wonder if you're still playing with them, since I can't see anything at all up there right now.

What were you thinking, saying that you and Tony haven't gotten sick??? Never, ever speak or write those words! :) I said them, and I've been sick for over three weeks now!

I still hope that we can get together, if Nick and I ever get better! :)

Denise said...

Now I see it! I LOVE it!!

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