March 9, 2011

Update - March, 2011

It's been a crazy and pivotal past three months!

I don't know what to say except that God has really clarified His plan to us lately. For the past year we have felt like we have been groping around in the dark for details, unable to answer people's questions of when, and how, and what.

We are finally at a place of faith to just go. We know God is calling us to return to Argentina as missionaries, so we are going. Tony got laid off a month ago, then a huge door opened up right in front of us. We have decided to walk through it and trust God with the details. Everything we do now revolves around this decision. Passports are done, no job to hold us down, and we have found a home for all our stuff. We'll be selling, donating, or trashing the rest, and we have started and should soon finish baby's short round of shots. We have called the shipping company so see about shipping a vehicle, and we have both even begun looking for work in Argentina. So there you have it. Wrapping things up and getting ready to get on a plane!

There have been alot of twists and turns since we made this decision a year ago to make the Big Move to Missions. We thought it would look one way, but God showed us His way. His way is always the better way. I don't know now what on earth we were so worried about.

We have put missions organizations on hold because we believe that this open door is the way we are supposed to go. We were willing to go to another part of the country and train with OM, but it would have put us another year away from being in Patagonia.  I have to admit we both feel almost relieved over this recent shift in direction. Being able to go, trusting only in God, is incredibly freeing. Knowing we won't be dependent on others, but on God alone, for our support feels great, too. Tony has always said he could work and why didn't we just go and he could get a job. And so could I. Maybe my English will open some doors. Ultimately we trust GOD to provide, we are no longer worried. He has never failed us. He is simply asking us, "Will you go?" We have hemmed and hawed and answered, "But, what about...?". We have not had faith. We have not been trusting. We have raised all the human objections those around us have. We know He has big things for us to do, and now we feel free to just go and do it. We want to evangelize and help the poor. We need to go to them and let God do the rest. We have prayed for faith, and He has given it. We are ready to sell all our belongings and get on a plane and GO.

What could be more exciting than that?

There are still people trying to talk us out of going, that this is "unwise". We know that the voices may get louder now as we get ready to leave, but we want GOD, not this world. We want to do his will, not the American Dream.

God has been so good and so kind lately. We are overwhelmed at His provision since joining the ranks of the unemployed. He has set everything up to facilitate us going. Everything!

Several nights ago our son gave his life to the Lord. We weren't expecting it, never saw it coming. But the Holy Spirit has been moving in his life, preparing him for what God has in store for him. Which includes Argentina. I was a little concerned about how he would handle it - he is our "doesn't like change" child, and we didn't know if going to Argentina would get him saved or further harden his heart. God has been so kind, so good, so gracious and caring to touch our boy's life now. After he accepted Christ, Tony and I just hugged and cried and thanked God. Now it will feel like we are serving Him as a family, not just dragging our child half way across the world without his consent or approval.

Isaiah 55:12 has become so true for us:

"You shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace..."

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus..." - Hebrews 12:2

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Christy said...

That is awesome Chris! God is so good and it is amazing how He works things together.

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