March 25, 2011

Homeschooling on the frontier, more books, and geeky SAT Prep

I've been busy this week looking at what we have to take to Argentina in order to homeschool for the next couple of years. It's good to have at least a skeleton outline of where we're going educationally, even if I end up changing things later.

From what I can gather, we'll pretty much be homeschooling on the frontier. Homeschooling in Argentina is about what it used to be like homeschooling in the United States 30 years ago. It almost doesn't exist. And, although it's not illegal, there aren't any laws that protect it either. When we mention to people in Argentina that we homeschool, we get about the same reaction you would have gotten here in the US 30 years ago if you mentioned that you homeschool: "Huh?", "What's that?", and "But what about friends?"., etc., etc..

Homeschooling on the frontier also means no other homeschooling families to get together with, no homeschool co-ops, no homeschool classes, no homeschool field trips, no homeschool anything. We'll have to get creative with it, I guess. It doesn't bother me, though, and hopefully won't bother the kids. I think it'll be fun! And, for us, it also means no homeschool law to cramp our style - YIPPEE!

So, since we are planning to continue this home education venture for the next couple of years, and since I know I have to take everything with me (Amazon don't delivah, folks), I've been hitting the thrift stores and library sales. I LOVE used book sales!! I figure if I surround my kids with good books, they'll be fine.

And, in case college is part of the future that God has for my kids (I couldn't tell you if it is or isn't at this point), I have to start thinking about how on earth we are going to "do high school" (assuming I am brave enough to tackle that, which I can barely even visualize surviving, let alone doing well).

So, since I have NO CLUE how I'm going to prepare my kids to take their SATs being so far away and so far out of the loop, I found this fun SAT Question of the Day site. It's been good to see what is actually on the thing, so I can make sure we cover the content somewhere along the way.

And, of course, now I'm following this site in Blogger. GEEK.

And if you're geeky like me, you can follow it, too, or have it mailed directly to your email inbox. There's some strange satisfaction I get from seeing how many I can answer correctly. Geeky fun. And since we are taking a deliberate step to go from "poor" to "poorer", it's good to know that, with just a good Internet connection, I can maybe prep my kids to ace their SATs and get free ride scholarships. At least in my mind, right?



Denise said...

Okay, you know I've been really excited for you about this whole thing, but I have to say that you lost me at the "no Amazon delivery" part! I can do without a lot of things, but Amazon?

I love the SAT site, although I was really nervous that I wouldn't get the answer right! :) Thankfully, I did. Thanks for the link!

Chris said...

Denise, I spoke too soon ~ I checked Amazon and, to my surprise, they do ship! But I don't know if I'd take the chance -once it hits the national mail system in country it's no longer guaranteed. Whenever I lived in Latin America sometimes I got stuff that was sent to me there, sometimes I didn't. :)

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