February 14, 2011

A strange and unexpected turn of events

So, we've joined the masses of the unemployed.


(but let us not forget to thank Jesus for unemployment - thank you, Jesus!)

Ah, yes, things have gotten pretty interesting around here lately. God is forever full of surprises!

And since bad things seem to happen in threes, the very same day both of our cars decided to conk out. Then the baby got croup, and it was off to the ER - again.

But, things are settling down now. We still have one car that works pretty well. Baby is all better. And we are no longer drowning in the paperwork that ensued post lay-off.

So what now? 

The really strange thing in all this, and a very unexpected turn of events amidst all the mayhem, was receiving some great news from a missions organization we've been corresponding with for a year now. I mentioned before that we really like OM (Operation Mobilization), but we didn't think that there would be a place for us with them, since they currently do not work in the area of Argentina we feel called to.

BUT, amidst all the recent craziness, we received an unexpected email response from them that their team in Argentina is actually happy to expand their mission work into Patagonia, sooner rather than later!

So I think we've found a potential missions organization and will be applying with them. :)


If it all works out [which remains to be seen, of course - always trusting in the Lord], we would go to a city in Argentina where they currently have a team, invest 6 months to one year in evangelism and training, and then be free to move to Patagonia and begin a team ministry there!

Super cool news.It's almost twilight zoney.

And, hey, what better time to make the Big Move to Missions than now??



Kristy said...

Oh WOW! That is all I can say right now..... :)

Katie said...

Holy cow! On the one hand, I feel bad for you because I know how stressful the uncertainty of joblessness/financial difficulties can be, but on the other hand, I'm excited for you both because I really think this may be the impetus you and Tony needed to make things happen. I wish you both the best - here's hoping that things turn out well with that missions organization!

Annie said...

Ok Chris, this is pretty amazing. First, I want to say how sorry I am for the layoff. That is a very unnerving thing to happen in this economy. Sounds like the enemy trying to get you down just as you are about to get a breakthrough! That communication for the mission organization is unbelievable!! I feel your time is at hand and what better way to "push you all out of the nest" than to take away your job security just a little earlier than you had hoped.
I will be praying as everything falls into place for you! The vision has an appointed time, and God will see it through to it's completion!!

Christy said...

We are keeping you in our prayers for wisdom and clarity.

Ross McAfee from Operation Mobilization used to come to my parent's church every year during missions month to talk about their ministries. We loved him and his "world map" jacket that he always wore and his "Operation Mobilization" song that he wrote (you gotta hear it!). That is great that you found an organization that may be a good fit for you guys!

Chris said...

Thanks for all the thoughts, well-wishes, prayers, and encouragement. And yes, the time may just be now!

The more we find out about OM the more we like them - they are AMAZING and do amazing work all over the world. We are submitting our application with them right now - so we'll see what happens! :D

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