March 6, 2011

Names and Titles of Jesus Christ

His is our Advocate.
Our Apostle, our Bishop, Our Captain
The Consolation of Israel 
Our Counsellor
The Desire of All Nations
The Express Image of God 
He is Feeder, Foundation, and Fountain.
A Friend of Sinners
The Head of the Church
Heir of all Things
High Priest
He is Leader, Light, and Life.
He is Lord, Master, Mighty God, Merciful.
He is the Prince, the Power of God, the Propitiation. 
He is the Ransom, the Redeemer, and the Resurrection.
Savior, Servant, Shepherd.
He is Spirit, Surety, Truth.
He is the Way.
The Wisdom of God.

To see the full list of "A Collection of the Names and Titles Given to Jesus Christ" in Cruden's Complete Concordance click here.
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