May 10, 2010

Susan Wise Bauer and Classical Education

I saw Susan Wise Bauer at a local homeschool convention a couple of years ago. Shame I didn't really know who she was enough to stop and talk to her. Since then I've discovered her book The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home and LOVE it.

In theory.

In practice, haha, well, we do what can. :) We've only managed to follow the History curriculum (outlined in the book) so far.


Wow. After doing Ancient History (per the book) this year with the chilluns, I now realize I learned next to nothing in 12 years of public school History. And I was a straight-A student. How is that possible?

From time to time I check her blog here. She is FUN-NY. So if you need a couple of laughs just read the automatically-imported-to-her-blog Twitter updates. I needed a couple of laughs today because this was the "fast-for-six-days=all-hell-broke-loose-this-weekend" weekend. More on that later. Maybe.

If you are looking for an complete K-12 homeschool curriculum for $15 or less (Amazon), check this one out. I purchased mine for $9.00 used at our local homeschool fair. It is worth far, far more.


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Denise said...

I gave this book away a few years ago when I didn't think that I was going to homeschool after all. Kicking myself... ;)

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