August 11, 2011

random Brazil pics

In packing, I came across several more boxes of old photos. Here are a few.

camping with my friend Leti in a place we dubbed "The Palmtree Graveyard",
somewhere in the NE of Brazil

a little boy in a little town somewhere in the NE of Brazil

Christmas in a little sand for streets, fishing village called
Canoa Quebrada (Broken Canoe), Brazil

The same day I came across the journal I kept on that trip from Rio to the Amazon. This is what I wrote about our time on 12/23/97:

"In Canoa Quebrada, Ceará, Brazil, Pousada Alternativa R$3 [Alternative Hostel, 3 Brazilian Reals/US$3] per person. Swinging in my rede [hammock] with a cool tropical breeze blowing and Bob Marley playing next door."

LOL. Wow. And what an incredible and fun trip. Once in a lifetime. So thankful.

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