August 24, 2011

The Mission Mobile: new and improved

I said I'd put up pics, so here she is: tinted windows and all. Briefly considered rechristening Big Blue, aka The Mission Mobile, the "Narcomobile". It looks like we should be conducting illegal and clandestine activities in there or something.

You can't see in AT ALL. It rocks. No hot, 105 degree, Patagonian desert sun beating in on delicate missionary skin (okay, me - everyone else in this family has some serious melanin but me - wah).

I like that no one will be able to see the kids in there. Or our projectors, film, laptop, and other such tools of the trade. I like that A LOT.

Front windshield... super. :)

It's actually kind of scary to drive at night. You can't see out the side windows at all unless there's a car coming or very well lit streets - or enough to reverse without running over a tree. It'll take a little getting used to.

Thank you, Tim!!! We still can't believe you did it for us for free!

1 comment:

Dori said...

Wow there are 5 posts that I hadn't read since the last time I checked! This one is hilarious. Love your van, love the practicality, and LOVE the generosity of the friend that did it for free! The other posts are great. Very well said and thought provoking! I'm in disbelief that time is slipping by so quickly, but can't wait to talk with you and Tony more in just a short time! Continued blessings and grace be poured out on you!!

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