August 22, 2011

The History of Pine Ridge Reservation, SD

This video, in my opinion, is a must see. Didn't learn this in no public school History class. (hmm... maybe I won't send the kids to public school after all.) [click on over to the blog if you can't view it Google reader, it's looking a little wonky for some reason].

People have been oppressing people since the beginning of time. The story of the violence, hatred, oppression, abuse, outright massacre, and continued neglect of American Indians is deeply tragic on many, many levels. But it's not a new, or even an isolated tragedy. If you have studied anything about history, it has always been. People have been hating and killing people since Cain and Abel.

I wanted to post this incredible video because I have a friend (well, more like a very distant, met-her-one-time-but-love-her-tons-anyway kind of friend) that lives and works on Pine Ridge Reservation.

She LIVES in this place.

She is an amazing young woman of God, she loves Jesus, and she loves people. Especially kids. She can't be more than 25 or 26 years old. She is beginning her fourth year as a public school teacher through Teach for America. She's an incredible example to me, and I find her testimony incredibly personally encouraging - as well as an example for the youth (and adults) of the Church of Christ to emulate. She is a missionary first and foremost, and just happens to work as a teacher to support herself. She shares the love and hope of Christ with lost people. I would be so proud of my daughter if she did something like this. I hope my daughter never follows the American dream as her god. It would be a tragedy. So many hands and feet for Christ, and so few using them. I am tired of hearing the excuse to not go because, "But you can do so much HERE!". Really? Are we doing it? Are we? I don't know, maybe others are. I know my friend is. I know we're not. And we're tired of it. Tired of not doing anything. That is why we feel we have to physically leave here to reach those who are actually in need. My neighbor with the quarter of a million dollar house and access to Bibles and Christians and a church on every corner, with food on the table and a vacation to the Outer Banks every year does not need anything. He's lost because he wants to be. It is a joke to call white, suburban REACHED middle-class America the mission field. I wonder if Jesus would agree with some churches' definition of "missions". I wonder what Jesus would say if he were here right now. Are we acting like the Church of Christ, or the church of the American Dream? The proof is in the pudding - or, I should say, the fruit.

Our church held a camp last week for the youth. I heard about it, and saw some pictures. I heard it was really fun. They bought a lot of milk and syrup and flour. To play games with it. Playing games with food. When children are starving to death? Is that what we are teaching our youth? Is that what "growing in godliness" looks like? Is this how we are to live?

Would I move to Pine Ridge as a missionary, in obedience to Christ? Sure. Would you? Even though they may even hate white people? Would you go anyway? How much does He mean to you? As much as you meant to Him when He died for you? You're not called, you say? No, you're not. You've already been commanded.

What are we doing in the church? What are we DOING for Christ? For the Redeemer of our souls, who bought us at a great price? Are we sacrificing anything for Him? Are we...?

(you can unfollow me now, I'll get over it. my cranky pants are on a little tight today)

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joann said...

Chris -- I don't think your cranky pants were too tight !!!! I tried to comment but I don't think it "went" so I'll try to remember what I said and try again.... It is hard for me to imagine that there is no conviction about some of the stuff "youth groups" do for fun... or for that matter us folks who call ourselves Christians. Are we all just not thinking or is it just that we are choosing not to have the mind of Christ? Sometimes when I buy dumb stuff the conviction is so heavy that I could die-- and the question is always from the Lord -- "who could have used this money for something important?" Ugh.... I know... I know... stupid me and my 'wants' in life. May we never turn off the voice of the Holy Spirit in our lives as He brings conviction. Scott always says that anyone who thinks they should waste money on the "american dream" just needs to visit a country like Haiti or Africa and hopefully they would come back a changed person. It sure changed him !!!!! Oh well keep speaking the Truth of the Gospel and hang in there... love ya

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