August 21, 2011


Here is a LIST OF DONATIONS that we are currently accepting to fill the shipping container we are sending to Argentina in 3 weeks. This list is comprised of things we can use in ministry in Patagonia, as well as *specific needs of the native church. 

ALL DONATIONS DUE BY SEPT. 10 (quantities are as many as you feel led to donate)!

  • Good & Evil Illustrated Bible (in Spanish only)
  • The JESUS Film DVD (in Spanish or Mapudungun)
  • Christian movie DVDs (in Spanish, or with Spanish subtitles, ie.: the Torchlighters Series, The Last Adam, The Fourth Wiseman, John, Paul, etc, etc.)
  • Gospel Tracts (in Spanish only)

  • Foosball balls (not football, FOOSball - google it for pics)
  • Sleeping bags (new, or used & washed)
  • Camping gear (new or used)
  • Basketballs (new or used, deflated)
  • Volleyballs (new or used, deflated)
  • Tents (3 large/5-person and up, new or used)
  • Badminton equipment (sets, or birdies, rackets, or any part thereof)
  • Board Games (in Spanish)
  • Letters to make signs for events
Oh, and a printer for us. Ours broke, then I realized I just can't live without my printer. But, maybe I can. I just need to adapt.

Part of the funds we have worked to raise, as well as what many others have so graciously given, are being used to ship not just our supplies for life and ministry in Argentina (mission mobile, furniture, clothing), but also in order to ship as much as we can to use in outreach, evangelism, and ministry.

Please contact us (email or phone is best) to arrange to drop off no later than Sept 10. We have to have everything boxed, numbered, and labeled as per customs regulations before it is loaded up on Sept. 17th.

*These are specific items the native church has told us they have need of. To offer some background, the native church we will be working with is 18 hours away by car from the capital, the only place many of these things can be found (ex., foosball balls). The church also does many activities with youth, but resources and finances are limited (retreats, for example, are done in tents, not hotels).  As far as support from the American Church, they receive only $12,000 per year, to be distributed amongst all churches of their denomination in Argentina - of which there are about 50 to 60. Please pray about how you can support missions and ministry in Argentina! Also pray specifically we can fit every last donation in the container.


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